Bonus #2: You And Your Money

Money is a topic that is so emotionally charged. And for a good reason, we live in a society where the quality of your life is largely determined by the finances you have.

However, teachings and religions are promoting the belief that “Money is the root of all evil,” that “money” is the opposite of spirituality.

They can’t be further from the truth, as you’ll see now.

So What Is Money Anyway?

Primarily money is just a means of exchange, of giving and receiving value.

At the same time, money carries enormous amounts of energy, and we use it to support our life here on Earth.

When money is transferred consciously, it shows where our focus is and what we value. It clearly shows who we are, who do we strive to be and where we are going.

We all want it. A lot of people deny that. However, denying that you need money would mean denying that you want to improve and expand your life.

There are those, of course, who chase it like maniacs. Neither one of these two extremes is a healthy mindset to have.

Let’s examine what you think about money.

What are your views about it?

Do you think money can buy anything you want?

Is there anything inherently wrong with having a lot of it?

Can you serve others and God if you are lacking it?

A lot of Destiny Design Masterclass students have told me that they can’t visualize money. They have conscious and unconscious blockages, and they aren’t quite sure how to feel and what amount to imagine.

This is perfectly normal, let me explain why.

As we already cleared that topic, money is just a transfer of energy.

Ultimately, it’s not money that you want, you want what money can buy for you. And if we go even deeper, you don’t want the thing money can buy – you want the FEELING of having this thing.

Now we are getting somewhere.

You see, money is not the root of all evil, “the LOVE of money” is.

If you are chasing money for the sake of having it, then you can quickly get lost in a vicious cycle of not having enough. You will not even be sure what you need it for.

So, here’s a powerful two-step process of attracting finances, be it getting out of debt, getting a higher salary, earning more money in your business…

First, attracting it…

If you are having trouble visualizing a specific amount of money or you feel like there are all sorts of negative beliefs popping up, STOP thinking about money.

Instead, think about what you want to do with them. Do you want to go on a vacation, do you want to buy a new house, do you just more money in the bank.

Then, go even deeper. Think about what FEELING these things will bring you.

For example, getting out of debt will certainly bring you a sense of security, a feeling of calmness and safety.

Having more money in the bank to rely on will probably give you a calmer mind and confidence that whatever happens, you can deal with it.

Now, anchor these feelings. Make sure you remember what it feels like to have achieved that.

How to anchor them?

Whenever you visualize, and you get to the highest point of the feeling, make a little gesture. Something that you don’t usually do throughout your day, like pressing your index fingers against each other or slightly pinching your elbow.

What this is doing is linking the feeling and that gesture. You will need to do that 5 or 6 times before it becomes unconscious. Once it does, all you will need to do is to perform that gesture to remember the feeling.

Do it as many times through your day as you need to. The more you FEEL rich, the faster you are attracting the money and opportunities.

Second, and this is really powerful, is something that I call Energy Accounting.

Look at every cent you are spending and always ask yourself – “What am I buying here?” Is it peace of mind, is it a sense of security, is it confidence? It’s always an emotion.

The funny thing is, you don’t have to do anything else.

The moment you start thinking about where your energy flows and what emotions you are buying you will start seeing clearly where you focus is.

You will automatically start to notice what’s a real priority for you and what isn’t.

Test it for a month and be sure to let me know what changes you see around you.

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