SM Part #4: Who Are the Powerhouses? (part 2 of 2)


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Action is the missing ingredient that dreamers without results lack.

There is a sense of entitlement in Powerhouses, a feeling that they deserve what they ask for because they do not sit and wait wishing beautiful things, they give a short space in the morning for that and then use the remaining 95% of the time to do everything they can about it.

You may feel that you are somewhat close to this type of person, that you feel different than the majority, special, with unique qualities and abilities others don’t have.

Whether this is so or not at all, I encourage you to follow this example and get as close as possible to its best version.

Being a Powerhouse is a blessing, not only for you but for the world too, for it is a truly inspirational example of how a person with an honest heart lives fearlessly.

It paves the path for others who may be in the same place you may be today, and need that little extra guidance, that push from someone who has been there too.

You were born to be a leader, and being a person of action is the wisest words you can give to the world.

Your actions will not only help you to manifest all the desires you ask the Universe for, but you’ll also notice how eventually and effortlessly the right people will begin to appear in the right places.

Action Changes Things

And if they don’t, you act and do everything that is necessary until they do.

That’s a Powerhouse!

It took me a long time to come to terms with this.

I was a Powerhouse “in the rough” myself.

It took time, honesty, genuine effort, falling again and again, trying again and again… and then, eventually, I got comfortable with the fact that the Universe is not here to give us everything on a silver platter.

The Supreme Energy is not on our side if all we do is close our eyes and “think positive”.

It is if we, above all, act leaving no stone unturned.

And in this process of acting on the reality we want to manifest, we will encounter many things that may seem we are getting anything but close to where we want to be.

Despair not my dear…

… the Universe is wise and makes worthy things as not easily achievable.


Because difficulty brings out the necessary character to achieve them.

And in this process, allow the power of gratitude take its enormous force.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough.” Oprah Winfrey

Gratitude has a power of its own.

thank you

Our Universe is in constant change.

Today we feel little.

Tomorrow we feel encouraged!

Today we feel ugly… and tomorrow we don’t!

Even when the same face was the object of attention in both days!

What changed?

Our thoughts.

Our life is what our thoughts make it, so let’s allow them to be filled with the bright colours of gratitude.

The same way there is always something that could be better, there are always many things in our lives we would greatly miss if they were taken from us.

Let’s manifest more of that through the power of gratefulness and combine it with the power of intention and action.

By doing so, do you really think abundance is not there for you?


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~ Susan “The Go-Getter” Brown

P.S. I just wanted to tell you that most of Powerhouses feel alone, especially when they are children.

It’s because of their power and their strong presence.

And when I say that you were born to be a leader, I am really serious.

But there is a twist…

You must lead by example!

You must start doing whatever you want to yourself and the right people will follow you.

It’s not the type of leadership where you gather lots of people and they start listening to you.

You have tremendous action power and people feel it.

In the next couple of chapters, we’ll take a look at Lifesprings and their beautiful Design.

You will understand how different Powerhouses and Lifesprings are.

Can’t wait… 🙂