Bonus: Where Are You?

Above all – don’t worry.

If everything we’ve discussed until now is practiced and you keep a daily track with your journal to make consistent small adjustments to ensure you’re going straight where you want to go, there is really no space for doubt.

Your part of “the job” is being done at a wholeheartedly 100% intensity and the Universe will respond accordingly.

Remember, this response may be very fast, and many times much slower than you’d like to – but that doesn’t matter and should not matter.

It takes as long as it takes” is your new belief, the one that’ll give you the persistence and patience necessary.

Many of the desires and dreams we have are, initially, not easy to obtain.


Because the Universe is Infinitely wise.

The difficulty that arises in our quest to achieve them is what brings out the necessary character traits to achieve what you want.

And this very same effort is the very nature of growth of your spirit, the true purpose of life.

So as long as you’re doing your part, the Universe will do theirs.

Everything will come to you.

All those things that you know will make you happy, fulfilled and loved.

Be focused.

Stay present.

As Eckhart Tolle would say “use the power of now”.

Lay your brick, each day, as perfectly as you can; and if you couldn’t do it well enough, study why and write what you’ll do tomorrow to improve it.

There’s a lot of “flower power” vibe going around regarding the “being in the now”.

But I’m going to tell you that this is no mystic type of thing at all.

The true essence of being in the now is creating the maximum awareness possible about ourselves.

Being aware of what surrounds you, about what surrounds your mind, about what is going on with your senses, being aware of your thoughts and emotions as a powerful observer instead of a powerless victim.

Being in the now is nothing more than the great ability to control your mind, for we can only be happy in the present moment.

We cannot be happy in the past and we cannot be happy in the future.

We only have the present moment, and that’s the only real thing we will ever have.

Should we observe the past?

Of course!

As long as it’s done with a learning and growth attitude.

Should we envision the future?

Of course!

As long as it’s done with a learning and growth attitude.

But you can certainly agree with me that we should never make neither of them block our own path of growth.

If we’re engaging the mind either in the future or the past with a negative connotation, we’re losing our time… monumentally!

And all these efforts of using the mind effectively should be practised with the consciousness that we are not the thoughts, emotions, and desires that occupy it – we are the everlasting presence that sees them from a close distance.

We are the witness of our minds, and therefore the rulers of it.

And this is only possible in the present moment.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – BUDDHA

And Buddha was a wise, sexy fellow so don’t you dare to question him!!

Five powerful exercises to live in the present

To live in the present and be a witness of our minds doesn’t mean to give up on our dreams and goals… quite the opposite.

It means using our own power to the maximum.

We want to experience everything with the necessary balance that can give way to abundance and everything great there is in this world.

Follow these simple steps if you want to kill it in this department too:

1. Don’t attempt to “shut down” your thoughts.

It is not about suppression, it is about witnessing.

And by witnessing, calmness of thoughts is the natural evolution of the mind.

A very common wrong attempt of living in the present is “trying to silence our thoughts”.

Instead, why don’t we become spectators of them?

Seeing them come, stay with us for a while, and then observing them as the flee into oblivion again.

That’s the nature of thoughts, desires and emotions.

The come, they stay for a while, and then they go.

So we basically stay there as mere witnesses, not judging them, just observing them.

2. You are not your thoughts I am sure you can relate to the fact that, more often than not, we completely identify ourselves with our thoughts, desires, and emotions.

We believe we’re the dialogue instead of the witness of the dialogue, but the opposite is true, and it is very much worth to keep a constant reminder of this truth in our hearts and heads, for it’ll help us to overcome fears, depressions and all the negative string of negative emotions that come when we identify ourselves with the mind.

Repeat with me: “I like being a big, badass witness and I cannot lie!!”

3. Breathe, damn it! For a moment, please stop and pay attention to your breathing.

I’ll wait… Focusing your attention on the action of a slow and deep breath gives us instant access to the present moment.

A continuously focused effort on breathing consciously keeps us at the present moment for long periods of time (instead of the typical 20 second moment).

4. Music for meditation

Music can also induce us to stay in the present.

A soothing music will make our breath slow down and thus helping us regain presence.

There’s a vast selection of music to choose from but if you want to try one I personally love Stan Richardson’s Japanese flute music.

5. Mantra In ancient India, all the sages of history have used this technique in order to stay connected to the present moment and not let their thoughts wander wild.

Repeating a mantra or, as it’s called in India, japa, is the powerful practice of engaging the mind in a repetition of a sacred combination of words so that the mind can be connected with God and thus purified by its practice.

It the simplest and most effective way to stay in the present.

The repetition of a sacred mantra is the boat that takes us through the agitated ocean of restless thoughts that pervade our minds.

One of the most famous and used mantras is the sacred OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.

If you’ve never heard it, go to YouTube to know how to pronounce it correctly.

It’s easy, I promise!

You can choose any other mantra but I encourage you to choose one that is short and easy to pronounce.

Many mantras are long and difficult and OM NAMAH SHIVAYA is not, which really helps to integrate the habit.

At the beginning, this practice should be done in a low voice.

Once you gain some practice, you can move on to repeat the mantra by slightly moving your lips.

And the final and most effective step is to do it mentally.

You will notice that when you’re engaged in the repetition of a mantra your mind won’t be able to have any other thoughts, just because of the simple fact that it is already engaged in a practice that requires focus.

It is the same reason why sometimes when we like something so much, times passes by so fast… because we’re completely in the present moment!

The practice and repetition of a mantra, done long enough, will end up being a part of you, and you will find yourself repeating even if you don’t consciously intend to.

A very powerful state indeed.

And this comes straight from thousands of years of wisdom.

It’s not something I pulled out of my sleeve just to cover some space in these pages.

If you Google it, you’ll see what I’m saying.

So there you have it!

That was quite a bit, wasn’t it? I am honoured and blessed for you allowing me to guide you into this powerful and life-changing moment of yours.

Thank you for that.

I want to give you my deepest gratitude and express my honest admiration of all the steps and commitment you’ve taken so far.

You’ve done a fantastic job.

I hate to add the word ‘but’… but … this is only a part of the journey.

You now have the path of action in front of you and I sincerely hope you have all the information we shared not as a one time reading experience but as a resource that you can consistently dive into in order to never lose sight of what works and what doesn’t.

And remember that the writing of your journal also gives you the same benefit.

I wish you the best experience of all.

Remember – life need is not about being super excited, jumping in endless happiness and seeing all beautiful rainbow colours all the time… life is an experience – it needs to be EXPERIENCED with love.

As long as we do this, the Supreme is there to flood us with His Light, His Grace, and His Wisdom.

Let’s do this!

Shall we?

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