Step 1: Intro

My deepest and most heartfelt congratulations to you!

You are one of those rare individuals that go through the whole process of learning when wanting a change in her life.

Do you know that the vast majority of people never finish a book they read or a program they purchase?

It is always a very small percentage of people who follow through, and those people, obviously, are the ones that make the most out of their purchases.

And you are one of those people right now.

This practically guarantees your success.

In the most simplistic way, two steps are necessary to achieve the things we want out of life: getting the right information and nailing the right action.

The right information:

Getting the right information is underrated and rarely mentioned.

We think that because we’re reading a diet book we’re getting closer to our goals but, did we take the steps to figure out if that was the best diet book we could get our hands on?

Having one of the best books ever written on the subject would certainly be getting the right information.

We think that by getting a self-help book we’re “improving”.


No, not really.

If you get your hands on the wrong information not only you will not be improving, you’ll be going backwards.

Not a cool place to be at when your aim is the complete opposite one.

Out of the vast majority of desires, goals, problems and dreams we have, you can be sure that you’re not the first one having them and definitely not the last one either.

In almost on any subject, if not all of them, there has been something written about it.

Any goal is a goal that has been attained by someone previously.

Any desire that we have has been met by others in the near or distant past.

The key to success into attracting these things are finding the right sources to learn from.

Find between one and five persons who are the best examples, the best role models, and study their footsteps.

Study what they did and did not do.

Model the path they took and adapt it to the present moment.

How can you fail like this?

If we make the effort of finding the best role models and copy their exact footsteps, we gain an inner certainty that strengthens our certainty to unimaginable levels.

The right action:

And once we’ve nailed down the search of getting our hands on the right information it is time to follow through with the right daily actions.

Hard work, backed with the right information, is smart work.

Putting out very little effort and expecting maximum returns is stupid work.

The precise combination of having the right information and daily putting in the right actions is what creates fantastic results and a life of riches, not only in monetary terms.

If we put hard work and mix it with a lack of the right information, all the hard work in the world doesn’t matter at all!

This is a key distinction that separates abundance magnets from the others, so let’s never forget this!

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