Step 2: Monitoring the Process

In order for us to make sure we are consistent with the development of progress, growth, and confidence, we need to keep a daily record.


Keeping a daily record gives us another incredible asset in life: AWARENESS.

Awareness of where we are.

Awareness of where we’re going.

Awareness of what’s helping us.

Awareness of what’s blocking our path.

Basically, awareness of everything that is going on, both inside and outside of us.

When we’re riding a bicycle, we don’t keep the handlebars still.

We make small movements and adjustments to keep the equilibrium and keep our bicycle going straight.

The same happens in the path of abundance.

There is tremendous power in a daily record because it allows us to be focused on the path, to recognise and eliminate distractions and things that prevent us from where we want to go/what we want to achieve.

It gives us the power to change what needs to be changed, adjust small things to improve our efforts, and to make sure we’re going on a straight line.

And for that, we’re going to use a journal.


A journal that will be our tool to record everything that is important, both small and big things.

I’ve personally used a journal for more than a decade now.

It’s never been a journal where I wrote “today Mary and me bought a huge pack of Oreos and watched endless Desperate Housewives episodes”. 🙂

It was a diary that I used (and still use every day) to write down important things that give me awareness and direction in life.

It started out as a kind of a small, silly test.

It was a turbulent time in my life, and I really felt a lot of negativity going through my veins.

It was not normal, so I decided to write down every instance where “I lost my sh*t”.

Basically, every time I got any type of negative emotion, I wrote it down.

I wrote down what had happened and how I reacted to the situation.

After writing this, I would go on and write “what would’ve been the best positive way to respond (instead of reacting) in this situation”, and I really thought about this.

After coming up with the best response I could imagine, I wrote it down.

And after writing down the best possible response I could’ve had I wrote “What will I do the next time I find myself in a similar situation?”, and I proceeded to write down specific steps to better handle a similar future instance.

Many times I didn’t have my journal on me, or it simply wasn’t practical to stop everything and start writing.

You know what I did?

I had a small notebook file on my cell phone where I wrote a short sentence about any negative moment of mine.

For example, if I had felt a strong jealousy towards a friend and had allowed that negative emotion taint my words and actions towards her, and a fight broke off because of this, I would write on my cell phone “jealous feelings towards Karen – today’s fight”.

Later on, when I arrived home, I gave myself some time to write in my journal, going through the things I wrote on my cell phone, thus keeping every opportunity of growth my negative emotions provided me.

I would check every day what I wrote the day before.

And I would read again on Sunday everything I wrote during the week, so it was impossible to forget the learning experiences life gave me.

Let me tell you something

Within six months of doing this, I was a whole new person.

I gained such an awareness of my emotions with this habit… it was an entirely new and incredibly powerful tool towards my happiness and my ability to attract great things and positive emotions in my life.

I haven’t looked back.

It has created so many great things that it’s a habit I still keep today, after more than 10 years.

So how can we apply this to you, your vision and your dreams?

Very glad you asked a lady!

Through your journal, we’re going to write three times a day about any of the following points.

Any points that you consider need some adjustment or improvement will be given some attention by using a flow of positive and empowering questions that bring answers of the same nature.

How do I feel about my vision?

What are the feelings that surround my vision today?

An honest answer to this question will tell us immediately if our actions are aligned with our purpose.

If they are not, all, we have to do and investigate and decide what can we do for the rest of the day to change that.

The following day, when we prepare the day ahead, we can also check on what we wrote the day before so that in the event we committed some mistakes, we can make sure that we don’t commit them that day again.

The feelings we have at the present moment are a clear communication with our inner Self, the Universe.

It is the royal inner compass that guides us, telling us if we’re off path, and from there what to do to change those feelings.

For example, if my goal is to lose some weight, and I’ve already done the work of discovering that my maintenance caloric need (the amount of calories I need daily to keep my current weight) is 2200 calories and that in order to lose weight I need to be slightly below that (say 1800 calories)… if it’s 10 a.m. and I’ve consumed 1300 calories already, I’ll know deep down in my gut that I’m not moving forward towards my goal, thus creating a disconnection with my sense of certainty in growth of this area.

“How can I adjust my actions for the rest of the day?”

“What different can I do tomorrow so I don’t make the same mistake?”

These are two questions that, if answered and put into practice, will certainly change our lack of progress towards actual progress.

Simple stuff, isn’t it??

Does the vision need to be changed so it suits the feelings I’m after?

As we’ve discussed in previous chapters, it’s not the things/people/dreams in themselves that we’re after, it’s the feelings we think they’re going to give us.

A key point of awareness is being clear on these feelings and consistently comparing them with your own vision.

We want to make sure we satisfy the feelings we’re after, and therefore, the vision needs to be aligned with them.

What if the vision doesn’t feel the way it felt before?

Maybe, when we were creating and discovering our vision, we had certainty about something about our vision.

We felt clear that it would bring us the feeling we’re after…

That can change over time…

If we’re living in such an honest way as I’m proposing to you there will be a key feature in our lives: we’re people in constant growth.

Constant growth means new maps of reality, new visions, new beliefs, new actions – all for the better.

When we’re expanding, we’re getting rid of the old to give way to the new.

We understand things better, see them in a different light, and hence we need to be consistently be checking if our current vision is aligned with the constant growth we’re experiencing.

What blockers came up today?

In all this beautiful path of growth and abundance, we’re engaged in, new distinctions will be made, and more and more awareness will come your way about the things that are blocking your way.

This question targets straight to the point all of those things that put a break in our abundance, giving time and space for thought so that we can follow the process of leaving them as a thing of our past: recognising, accepting, and changing.

This daily journal exercise will be a key player for you to recognise what is going on in your mind, paying close attention to the beliefs that are the guiding force in our life, and giving us the power to change the ones that certainly are not bringing anything positive nor empowering to the table.

Why do I think I have those blockers?

It’s not only about recognising the blockers we have… but also about going deep into why they’re coming up.

It is about going straight to the root, and this is the only way for us to eliminate it.

Use the exercise we used in Step 3 of Milestone IV so that we can use the power of knowing where to link pain and where to link pleasure.

Remember that we have the ability to link pain to these blockers and thus giving us the full force to create the lasting changes we’re after.

What am I grateful for?

And the ultimate practice: the daily habit of gratitude.

I’ve rambled a lot about gratitude, haven’t I?


And I shall continue for all my life because of the excellence of its nature!

A simple question like this can bring us beautiful answers and reminders of all the great things we currently enjoy in our lives, and its daily practice is the soil where the most beautiful flowers will grow in our hearts.

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