Step 1: Intro

Good God… we’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

It’s been a journey of incredible new tools that will vastly transform your life, and nothing makes me happier that helping you achieve them.

But there’s still a little more!

Not much, but enough so that you’re all set and ready to kill it in the Abundance University.

How’s that for a Masters Degree!?

It is fantastic, let me tell you that!

One thing to remember: the path of abundance is not a sprint race, it’s a lifelong endeavour.

Even after having achieved many things, you’ll still have to put the same principles into practice to keep an everlasting feeling of satisfaction and happiness, which comes from constant growth.

We are in an instant world.

Everything is instant.

We want instant results, and we don’t have them we feel like a failure!

But this is not how things work.

A life of abundance is building a big wall.

This wall, being a big one, cannot be build in one week… not even in one year.

If we rush the building process, it will crumble fast and easy.

Great daily care needs to be taken for building a massive quality wall that will take people’s breath away.

And how do you do that?

You lay a brick as perfectly as it can be laid… that day.

You focus on that day, and that day only (today), and the following day you focus on how to do it slightly better than the day before.

If you happen to stumble or fail one day, you focus on how you can do it better the following day.

It is all about the small but dedicated effort of trying to be a better version of yourself than the day before and focusing today on laying that brick as perfectly as it can be laid.

Confidence doesn’t come because you watched a motivational YouTube video or a TED talk and then, all of a sudden… bam!… confidence was installed in your brain.

Confidence comes from the inner certainty that daily dedication and commitment bring.

Going back to the woman who wanted to become a writer example, it is the daily five-hour dedication to her craft practised for years and years that bring her confidence about her writing skills and the achievement of her goal.

And this is nothing but small wins.

Every day that she dedicated time to writing is a small win.

She can go to bed with the inner certainty that she laid today’s brick as perfectly as she could.

This repeated feeling brings progress.

Progress in her mind, progress in her craft, and progress of her dream.

And this same principle can be applied to a vast majority of things that we wish to have/enjoy in life.

Progress is the foundation of growth, and daily growth is the foundation of confidence.

That’s the reason why we’ll create some tools for monitoring if we are moving in the right direction.

So… let’s get down to it!

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