Step 1: Intro

There are three king emotions: love, sex, and faith.

They are the most powerful on this Earth, and faith is the one that, once mixed with thought and massive daily action, reaches the subconscious mind, which instantly picks the vibration up, translates it into powerful spiritual messages that are transmitted directly to the Infinite Intelligence.

And faith, like many things, can be nourished and built.

Just as a muscle grows with constant exposure to more weight than it is used to, the muscle of faith grows with constant exposure to the repeated instruction you give to your mind through the power of visualization.

This is called directed faith.

When a daily combination of visualization and consistent action is practiced for years, faith is a natural byproduct.

There’s just no way for faith not to be present because your actions (which provide you knowledge, ability, and mastery) back it up.

And this is a very sweet spot because directed faith gives every thought of yours a unique power, one that can make you rise to the top, impelled by the incredible force of your newfound habits.

The key thing here is that the mind, through constant exposure to the practice of visualization, is trained actually to believe that you’ll get that for which you ask for.

And your actions will take the form that back this believe up, making you come up with the definitive plan for you to receive what you want.

It is a self-feeding cycle that once it has been established nothing but great things can happen to you.

Daily repetition of visualization and affirmations is the only proven way to develop a faithful mind.

The above sentence is key here! 🙂

Look… if you consistently feed your mind to the visualization of what you want, and you back it up with a specific plan and consistent action, those impulse thoughts are repeatedly passed onto your subconscious mind, for which the Universe then gives you the best and most practical (but not always the fastest) plan to its achievement.

But remember how we talked that these thoughts have to be packed with emotion.

Otherwise, they are just thoughts with little to no power.

When a thought has been emotionalized and mixed with the emotion of faith, it instantly begins to translate into the physical equivalent; though it may be visible to you, an energy force has been set in motion.

This process, repeated enough, is what brings massive changes and the huge “lucky” successes of life.

And the same process happens when our thoughts are packed with negative emotion, but with negative results, obviously.

There is no such thing as being “doomed to poverty”, or “destined for not much in life”.

Consistent bad luck is the unconscious force of a mind who keeps insisting in nurturing negative packed thoughts.

The subconscious mind also picks these up and translates them into a reality of the same nature.

They are not “unfortunate”, they are guilty of their “bad luck”… which is great because they can also be guilty of their new “luck”.

Therefore, a healthy, powerful and lasting change is made possible by the combination of faith, visualization and action.

Be sure to send to your mind that which you desire, for it will be picked up by the Universe and translated into reality.

I hate to repeat myself, but I want to insist this is not about lying to yourself.

That would be visualizing and then spending the day on Netflix, investing maybe an hour or two to your real goals.

Lying to yourself would be “half-assing things”.

But influencing the mind and backing it up with a specific plan and daily action is realistic.

It’s what successful people do and what you can do too.

Even though you may not have what you desire yet, and maybe even have to wait a long time for it, it is the belief and faith that is gathered with visualizing and action that create a positive energy force that brings you every day closer to your goal/desire.

Act and think as if you were already in possession of the thing you want – this will increase the belief further and bring out more of the qualities to make it happen.

Perfection and excellence will come from daily practice, it cannot come from reading.

Therefore, I encourage you to engage in this powerful habit, for you will increase the flow of positive emotions in your mind, make them the dominating force, and that comes with nothing but benefits – and at the same time you’ll be automatically eliminating, little by little, the negative emotions.

Such a mind is the home of a magnet of abundance.

It is indeed a commitment, as well as it is a ten-fold reward.

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