Step 2: This Will Be Uncomfortable

This will be a short one, but if you take nothing else from the whole SpeedManifestation Journey, this will make the whole thing worth it.

Let’s get right to it…

There are three levels of gratitude you should be aware of.

1. The Superficial Level.

This is where most people live.

It’s what we teach our children to do.

Say “Thank You” when you are given something.

It’s not that it’s bad, on the contrary.

You should always, always, always be grateful for everything that you have right now.

For your health, for your family, for your home…

The first level of gratitude is all about recognizing the good in your life.


2. The Second Level of Gratitude is all about “when stuff hits the fan.”

It’s about being grateful for the bad situations in your life.

Now, you might be thinking…

“How can I possibly be grateful for the bad in my life.”

Let me explain…

In my experience, every time I had suffered, every time I had struggled… I came out a much better person.

In the end, you always win as long as you push through.

Every bad and uncomfortable situation is here to teach you something, to transform you.

It’s up to you whether you accept the challenge or give up.

So, my question to you is this:

Can you remember a time where you went through a tough period in your life and came out a better and stronger person?

I am sure you did.

That’s what it’s all about.

If you find yourself in the middle of it again, try to find the good.

If you can’t, just be grateful for this situation and the lessons, it’s trying to teach you.

You know, all crisis can either make us grow faster or destroy us.

It’s up to us to choose one of those.


3. The Third Level of Gratitude is the most powerful of all.

Be grateful for the things you don’t have (yet).

Be grateful for your vision and the fact that it’s already on your way.

This is the most difficult type of gratitude you can develop but once you do…

Oh boy, is it worth it.

The moment you are ‘in’ your vision during your daily routine say ‘thank you’.

And mean it.

Say it the same way you say ‘thank you’ when somebody hands you a gift.

Like it’s already here, like it’s already happening.

If you do this, you will make you vision so strong and so magnetic that the Universe will have no other choice but deliver it to you.

Think about it.

I told you, this step would be short but you should meditate on everything here.

The information here can literally change your life once you understand and internalize it.

Now, this is not your homework yet, but I want you to sit down and think of things you are grateful for.

Three per level, that’s all.

Just as an exercise.


Once you are ready, we’ll continue with your homework.

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