Step 1: What’s This Gratitude Thing All About


All we have talked about until now has given you a very solid understanding of how to change your life, not for the better, but for the best.

I also want to point out that reading is the first important step of commitment towards learning something new.

Nonetheless, reading is totally ephemeral.

The only way to benefit from powerful knowledge is through action.

I’m sure you can remember a great self-help book you read a few years ago.

Try to remember one…

Got it?


Try to summarize out loud everything that was taught in that book.

Really… try it.

I challenge you to prove to yourself that you’re able to remember everything.

You can’t, right?

Why is that?

Because reading things once NEVER has a lasting impact, and therefore NEVER has a lasting change in our lives.

Here’s a different scenario for when you read that book:

Imagine that when you read it you always had a highlighter at hand, and you highlighted everything that was key and of great importance to you.

At the same time, you were reading, you’d also be keeping “the good stuff” recorded!

If you were reading something online, you’d be copying and pasting instead of highlighting.

After you had finished reading the book, you took a notebook and wrote your own short and sweet summary of every chapter.

This might take you a week or two… but bare with me, please.

Once you finished writing your own chapter summaries, you took your diary and asked “what steps could I apply this week to integrate this into my life?”, and you followed up every week trying to advance a little bit more on the teachings of the book.

You know what would happen to a person who reads, studies and learns this way?

He/she integrates the things learnt into lifelong successful habits.

That is the massive learning difference gap between someone who “reads” and someone who uses what she reads.

You probably think that I’m exaggerating now with this learning thing.

“It’s too much time and effort!”.

True, it’ll take you a little bit more time and effort… but it’ll give you the results that made you want to purchase the book in the first place!

This new module will be a short one… but a crucial one.

Certainly the most important on your whole journey.

Some of the powerful exercises mentioned here will do nothing but increase your abilities to use the Law of Attraction.

I warn you that they may be controversial but, if you follow them, they will change your life forever.

That is my promise to you.

Another very important thing that will make all these changes possible is a tiny habit that will allow us to connect with the Supreme Intelligence on a constant and daily basis.

Perfect unity with God is harmony in life, harmony to bring out present happiness as well as bring out the best we want out of life.

And that connection is nothing but the power of a grateful mind.

Gratitude is a pillar in our lives, just as it’s health.


Because the grateful mind is doing something incredibly powerful to attract abundance: through the simple action of gratitude, it is constantly fixed upon the best of the present moment.

What happens to such a person?

By always being focused on the best of the present moment it tends to become the best version of herself, develops the best character, the best habits, the best emotional management; and as a consequence, that person will receive the best because she’s already giving the world the best of herself.

It never works the other way around.

Gratitude is also the natural seed of faith.

By having a mind who is in constant inner prayer saying thank you for all the small and big things of her life, that person is continuously expecting the best of things too; not out of greed but out of a firm core belief that life will always give her the best if she also gives her best every day.

That honest action creates a realistic expectation (not a “sit on your sofa all day and expect great things to happen!”), an expectation that turns into faith.

It is an earned faith, not a blind one.

The more we fix our minds on the Supreme through saying an honest “thank you” for everything we’re currently enjoying, the more good things will come our way, and also that would happen faster.


Because the habit of daily gratitude is a straight line of connection between you and the Source from which all blessings come.

At the same time, do not fall into the trap of wanting to acquire a mental attitude of gratitude to get more.

That is not honest gratitude… for its main power is that we embrace and accept the present moment as we have it today.

Shall we do things to improve it?

Hell yeah!

But we shall also understand that a mind that is constantly fixed on the things it doesn’t have is the platform of dissatisfaction.

Gratitude is an action of embracing the present because we genuinely understand that we’re surrounded daily by incredible blessings.

Do you enjoy the sense of sight?

Some people don’t.

They cannot see anything at all, only dark.

Are you able to use your legs daily?

Some people aren’t.

This is not about injecting guilt in you… certainly not… it is about learning that we don’t need to appreciate things only when we lose them.

We can already appreciate them while we have them.

And that brings an incredible sense of happiness and peace.

I encourage you now to spend 10 minutes of gratitude.

Close your eyes and try to come up with everything that you think you could be grateful for.

And spend these 10 minutes on a constant flow and focus of all those things, while saying “Thank you for…, thank you for…, thank you for…”

Try it, honestly.

Don’t just read it.

Try it and see the difference in well-being you will feel between now and after the exercise.

The grateful outreaching of our minds in thankful prayer to the Universe is a liberation or expenditure of force.

It’s just impossible that it can’t reach the Supreme Energy.

It is an instant energy force with an instant energy reward.

If you make it a daily and strong habit, the reaction of the Universe would be a daily and strong reward.

Simple as that.

Those of you who read the Bible will notice how this is taught and constantly practiced in Jesus’ words: “I thank Thee, Father, that Thou hearest me.”

There is simply no way of exercising much power without a daily “thank you” prayer because it is that same habit which keeps you connected to the Source we all come from, the Source where all blessings come from.

Within a person is the soul of the Source, the perfect silence, the Universal Perfection.

That Source, the core of who we truly are (currently covered by the nastiness of the ego) makes us into the image of that to which we focus our minds on.

What we constantly focus on is what we become.

The grateful mind gives vast amounts of space to the mind to focus on the best things of life, and that same focus is what makes that person become even greater, achieve greater things, attract greater things.

We truly become what we focus on.

Limited thoughts create limited abundance, if at all, and of course, daily focused thoughts covered in abundance only bring results of the same nature.

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