Step 1: Intro

A good deal has been covered and yet more powerful stuff is yet to come!

At the moment, you’re already full of great information that you can use to start creating a lasting impact in your life.

What we’ve learned so far is knowledge that, if practiced regularly, will start to create an inner sense of certainty that we’re following the direction of our hearts, a feeling of abundance and an incredible momentum that gives us great energy and willpower to focus on what matters: the present moment.

Having made the distinction of what we don’t want and what we do want gives us vision.

Vision to not get distracted and go to where we want.

Vision to say ‘no’ to the things that are not aligned with out heart and ‘yes’ to the things that are.

Then the recognition of knowing that what we’re really after gives us the power also to use every tool that our minds can conceive in order to start today to experience the feelings we’re after.

If we’re dying, for example, to have an incredible man that loves us with all his heart, it may be very probable that what we’re after is a deep sense of feeling loved.

And while we wait to do everything that is in our power in order to attract this type of man (by improving ourselves into the type of woman this type of man is drawn to), we can also do everything that we can to feel love by ourselves.

You see, if we treat ourselves with love, nurturing our body, our emotions, our mind, and our soul, the result is that positive emotions will start to take over and reign in our minds.

And that is what love ultimately is: the lack of negativity.

I can assure you a high-quality man is only attracted to this type of woman and will not settle for nothing less.

And if you commit yourself to get that killer gym body and a breath-taking fashion style, guess what?

Very easy it’ll be for you to attract that man that you deserve!

We’ve also nailed quite a bit the importance of how our need to avoid pain and gain pleasure is a controlling force in our lives, and how to use this knowledge to create the changes and results we’re after.

And in the last milestone we’ve given great focus to the art of visualizing: how to connect with the senses that are easier for us and use them in our visualization efforts, how the price for us to get what we want is an honest combination of daily visualizing and massive action, how faith has a leading role in our journey…

Quite a bit don’t you think?

Let’s get into more impactful information so you can expand your inner power and increase that inner feeling of certainty, shall we?

As you have already discovered, your subconscious mind is in direct communication with the Universe, making every thought and intention of your mind a powerful source of energy that communicates to the Supreme Intelligence the things you want to attract.

As we travel our journey, we’ll also find what we call “resistance” or “abundance blockers”.

These are the things that are creating a powerful break and that need to be first recognized, acknowledged, accepted, and worked at so that we can eliminate them.

There is no need to feel discouragement when we discover our abundance blockers.

They are the most human and natural thing.

We grew up without exercising a direct control over our minds and therefore, for the first 10-20 years (sometimes even more), allowed events and people affect our minds and create inner patterns that were not necessarily to our best interest, thus manifesting “desires” and thoughts that brought us undesirable circumstances and events to our lives.

Now we’ll learn how to recognize these and eradicate them.

In life, one of the most powerful assets a human being can have is the control of the mind.

Our mind is the center where everything is born: desires, emotions, well-being, depression…

Many times, we mistakenly think that it is people and events who shape our emotions, but the reality is that it’s the meaning we give to them, the attitude we adopt and the acceptance we practice (or lack of thereof) that truly define if what we have in our minds are flowers or ugly and nasty weeds.

In this milestone, we’re going to learn the art of creating a beautiful garden of flowers in our mind as well as eradicating our current weeds and the ability to stop them from growing again.


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