Chapter 1: Intro

So here we are… a little bit further down the road and closer to where you want to be.

Allow me to take a second and let you know that I admire your commitment.

A lot of people who start things are prone to drop them easily.

If you’ve made it this far, it means you are really invested in creating lasting and powerful changes in your life…

and guess what? …

with commitment and consistency that is exactly what you’ll get.

So we’ve learned how to figure what you don’t want, what you do want, that what we are really after is feelings and not the things that give us those feelings, how the principle of pain and pleasure is working against or for you at every time of the day, and the creation of your meta-story.

It is time to move to even more powerful stuff, what do you say??


Now we’re going to give some time and thought to the art of nurturing the mind.

creative visualization

The powers of visualizing have been on this Earth for ages.

Some of us have used it consciously and others unconsciously, but the truth is that it is working for or against us at all times.

Let me explain…

Have you noticed how your mind is in a constant dialogue?

You may be having a conversation with yourself, remembering what was said in the YouTube video you saw earlier or the book you read this morning.

Or maybe imagining events from the past.

What about the times you imagined the future?

Except when we are sleeping, our mind is engaged in thought.

That thought or better said “all those thoughts,” are energy.

An energy force that goes straight out to the Universe and comes back to you with the same attributes and qualities they were created from.

If their nature was negative, negative events are to be expected; and the opposite is true, obviously.

That is why it’s an incredible asset to use the art of creative visualization.

It gives us a proactive and conscious attitude to the things and thoughts we put out in the Universe, and it gives us a very high degree of control into creating the things we want in our lives.

Our mind is to be used to enhance our lives.

We ought to mold it with the same care we “mold” our faces with makeup so we can feel as beautiful as possible.


With creative visualization.

This is an art which is about the ability to create an idea, a mental picture, or a feeling of certainty about something, to direct our lives and the results we want in it to where we want.

It is the power of making a choice, rather than feeling like an effect of the things that are happening to you.

We use this power to figure out exactly what we want, and then to create a clear picture where we can feel as if we were already experiencing it.

Then the daily effort of focusing on this exercise alongside the necessary actions that’ll bring those results is all we need to dedicate ourselves to.

Why is it so important we learn to do this on a daily basis?

Because the dominating thoughts that you permit to entertain in your conscious mind (whether positive or negative) directly reach your subconscious mind and thus it influences it with them, creating the according results in your life.

It should also be noted that this technique is to be used to change our lives positively. It will not work to “change the attitude or actions of others”.

It is a healthy effort that allows us to dissolve the mental and emotional barriers that block the desires of our heart.

It is also very worth remembering that the art of creative visualization must be combined and mixed with emotion.

The Universe and the subconscious mind recognizes this and acts only on the thoughts that are emotion-packed.

This attribute is what allows our subconscious mind to identify our visualization as if it were already real, thus allowing the Universe to open us the path and giving us the necessary tools and people to achieve it.

The above paragraph is of the utmost importance and its neglection is the main reason why the majority of people who’ve tried visualizing don’t get the results they want (that, and also thinking that visualization without taking massive action is the way to go).

Your visualization efforts need to see, hear, smell, touch and feel what is happening in your mind.

They also need to be done daily, as well accompanying with daily powerful action (there is never such a thing as “the right time” – waiting for it has been one of the biggest losses of time, opportunity, and dreams in human history).

Let’s see what are the perfect actions you can use to nurture and create the beautiful flower of your mind!


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