Chapter 1: Introduction

Personal audit done!

Fantastic, let’s go ahead and dream big, right??

Well, wait, wait… not so fast my sweet dreamer.

You’ve done an important step in knowing what you don’t want and even though figuring out the opposite seems like an easy following step, it sometimes just isn’t for some people.

This short intro is for those individuals.

As you’ve heard from me many times, and as you’ll hear many more, inner honesty is the foundation that dreams are built upon.

The power and importance of following your dreams are the most honest acts a person can do in his/her life.

But what if you feel like you don’t have a dream?

If that is the case, I encourage you to ponder on this simple question:

If I could do anything, be anyone, become anything; what would be the best possible reality I can conceive for myself?

The most absolute ideal life I can possibly think of.

Figuring this out may bring very quick answers, or it might take a few days or even weeks in bringing them.

How fast is not the important thing… it is the honesty of our answer.

If the effort after weeks still doesn’t bring any answers, I then encourage you to allow yourself to dream by discovering things that move your heart.

Reading life stories, autobiographies of people who you admire their path, books written by inspirational individuals (or documentaries about them).

Being a learner and a student of dreamers of the past will certainly ignite the voice within you.

Learning new things is essential to dreaming, and it keeps being essential after your true desires are discovered because the habit of learning provides a constant supply of knowledge and fire to your own personal quest.

Knowledge Empowers You Acronym

In addition to this effort, asking the Supreme Intelligence to help you with guidance in this search is another important step that can provide meaningful clues and guidance towards your discovery.

It may happen to you that after coming up with those genuine answers about your dreams fear and insecurity will kick in as fast as lightning.

The unknown territories of following your heart bring out these defence mechanisms.

Don’t worry.

This is normal and happens to all of us.

So I want to share with you that there is no failure for people who follow their dreams and live with an honest heart.

There is literally no failure at all.

At the end of the day, the destination in itself is not the only thing… it is only a short stop in your path.

After dreams are accomplished, new dreams are created and followed.

The journey is the most important thing of all.


Because a person who follows her dreams will, without a doubt, be faced with a stream of constant and never-ending learning experiences; life knowledge for incredible personal growth.

Having an attentive and learning attitude, as well as following your dreams and desires with all your heart and passion, now that’s what really matters.

Here’s a spoiler: if you follow your true dreams, it will be difficult, probably tough.

There will be insecurity, fear of failure, a feeling that adversity is the only companion in your journey… and very similar feelings along the way.

And you know what?

That’s a FANTASTIC thing for you.

Your true dreams will be very worthy things, and worthy things are always difficult to achieve.

And the Supreme Intelligence has done so on purpose…

… you know why?

Because difficulty brings out the necessary character to achieve them.

That’s key…

Those learnings, alongside a never-ending commitment and an attitude to do whatever it takes, is all you really need to achieve what you want.

Everything comes to you when these principles are in the core of your existence.

And, meanwhile, allow the journey to be the real enjoyment of your life.

Desires disappear when they are achieved.

Anyone who has achieved their dreams, though very proud and happy, will tell you that once the desire is achieved the dream in itself loses the splendor it had in your mind before you got there.

And that is also perfect.

Life was never created for us to be still in a single place.

Life was created for us to grow, to improve, to strive, to reach, to keep in movement and always go forward… and to do so with joy, laughter and smelling the sweet aroma of the present moment because… isn’t the present moment all we really have?

I insist in dreams, thinking big, being honest, commitment… all these things are fine, but I also want to insist on three key factors to enjoy the present moment and make every day count.

There are three important things for me: to laugh, to think, and allow things move your emotions and touch your heart.

To laugh because of the obvious reasons.

To think because life is a learning experience.

We are here to learn and grow as much as we possibly can.

The one single true purpose that all human beings share is this growth.

Giving time for thought is a key habit for this.

For me, writing it down has multiplied the efficiency of this learning habit.

To allow things to touch your heart because it is the best thing to feel alive and to allow your heart to breathe the purest air.

Think about it… if you laugh, cry, think, and learn… every day… that’s a heck of a day!

Do so consistently… that’s a heck of a life!


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