Step 3: Personal Inventory

This is your assignment for today.

Actually, it’s so important that I suggest you take a couple of days to contemplate on it.

The purpose of this homework is to dig out what you really want.

Later, we will continue working with whatever we discover here.

It might be uncomfortable, I know.

Here’s the thing, most people are not entirely sure what they want.

They simply cannot say exactly what their desires are.

You see, for most of us, the desires we have a dictated by media and by peers.

We think we want the car, we think we want the mansion.

And sometimes, when we get what we think we want… we don’t feel satisfied.

We don’t get any sense of accomplishment.

That’s why we need to get a little bit uncomfortable and dig out what we DON’T want first.

We’ll look at people and situations that make us feel… not so good.

Only then, we will be able to pinpoint exactly what makes us feel good.

Sounds good?

Alright, let’s start with your personal inventory.


 1. Make a List of People You Don’t Get Along with

2. For Each One, List Three of His Most Distinct Personal Traits.

3. Out of All Those Traits, Pick the Three Most Common Ones.

4. Against Each One of Them, List the Exact Opposite Personality Trait.

5. List 5 Uncomfortable Situations that You Frequently Get Into.

6. List the Emotions that Those Situations Bring to You.

7. Now Write the Exact Opposite Emotions.

8. Think of Three Situations that Would Bring those Positive Emotions.

9. Now, based on what you just discovered, write a short description of an ideal day.

Write about the types of people you would meet and the situations you would get into.

Most of all, write how all of that would make you feel.

Go wild, don’t hold back!


What you just created is your ideal day, your vision.

You see, Vision is all about how you would want to feel on a daily basis.

Don’t worry, your Vision is not a stationary target.

You can always edit it and add more to it whenever you need to.


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