Step 2: “Will I Turn Into a Rich Jerk?”

There is one predominant belief in the mind of general society that you may have noticed, and it is one that is truly devastating for people who want to experience life to the fullest.

It seems that to be a person who has incredible desires (like having the most perfect home, be incredibly rich, have the most amazing partner on earth, etc.) is not “realistic”.

This takes form especially in the form of money.

The desire of incredible wealth is seen by many as greed!

Have you ever had a sense of shame with the thought of sharing your wildest dreams?

Something like as if they were nonsense?

I’m sure you can identify with this, and I’m also sure you can understand how devastating this feeling can be in order to make the true desires of your heart happen.

Now, I am not saying that you need to sing serenatas at 1 a.m. in every corner of your city sharing all your dreams, nor going to everybody you know and telling them… but what it’s of massive importance (and I really mean massive) is for you to feel and know that these desires are incredibly:

  • Healthy
  • Normal
  • Good for you!

I don’t know many Universal truths because God hasn’t called me for a while, but I do know one essential fact of life:

You are here to LIVE FULLY.

We didn’t come to this world to be an old person full of regrets and mediocrity.

We came here to be the best and most incredible version of ourselves.

And in that equation of life comes dreams that are there to be fulfilled and lived for as long as your heart wants to.

It’s not about staying super happy and cheery all the time, being an annoying humanoid of eternal positivism and engaging the mind in an endless stream of visualization efforts while eating Doritos.

It’s all about honesty.

Honesty to follow your heart.

Honesty to not give your back to your true desires, no matter the difficulties or “impossibilities” that may lay ahead.

Honesty to recognize your own fear, look it straight in the eye, tell him “I’m ok with you being my partner on this road, and I’ll keep on going whether you’re with or without me”.

Honesty to say ‘no’ when ‘no’ serves your heart and ‘yes’ when it also does.

Honesty to live unrestricted and with access to all of the things your heart and this life have to offer.

Honesty to recognize and work on removing the obstacles that make the above sentence an impossibility at the present moment.

Honesty to feel fully and with a vast amount of inner peace and joy, feeling alive in all ways.

And honesty to understand that there is nothing wrong with that.

The people who do think it’s “silly” have it wrong.

Even though they don’t know it, they are being dishonest by settling with mediocrity.

The ones that don’t and strive to reach the best of this life are the honest ones.

Think about these two groups.

Out of all the names of incredible people who have lived in this world, to which group do you think they belong to?

There is no space in the pages of history for the people who settled.

There is only space for the ones who stayed true to their hearts.

For instance… the example of money.

I’d like you to stop and think for a moment.

Have you ever had a strong desire to do/buy something, go somewhere, practice something, and couldn’t do so because of a lack of money?

Did you have to settle for something less expensive?

Or nothing at all?

Maybe it was going to a seminar, taking an incredible full 3 months off and travel the world, or buying a beautiful dress that was “just made for me”.

Or maybe was taking up a hobby that has been a deep and long passion of yours, but it is a hobby that requires considerable money investment.

And you couldn’t… you just couldn’t… because there was no money for it.

I’m sure you can relate to that.

And this is a major subject I hear very little about.

Unless you want to be a wandering nun living outside of society at the mercy of what God puts in your path (which can also be a very honest desire of the heart, by the way), in order to experience life freely and to the fullest, you will need financial abundance.

And to desire it, wanting it, and achieving it, is incredibly healthy and good for your happiness (and your pockets!).

There should never be any kind of shame with wanting wealth.


Money is not the root of any evil; the unhealthy attitude behind it is.

Money used to live an incredible life, give your kids the best education in the world, retire your parents, fulfill your own dreams of becoming [insert dream job], and impact the world for the better by helping the poor…

I can’t honestly come up with a better and healthier attitude towards money.

It’s not about being a spender and flashing signals to the world saying “I’m rich!”

It’s about allowing financial abundance to give you one of the best freedoms a person can have: to do what they truly desire… every day of your life.

And if you are a person that strives daily to give your best in your life, to impact the world for the better, to live in complete honesty with your heart, then you have a right to be rich.


You also have a right to buy the house of your dreams, travel when you want to, give your family the best of the best, hire coaches in your life, hire people to help you make your life better and more enjoyable, build hospitals in places where nobody did so before, engage every day for as many hours as you want in the true passion of your heart… and everything incredible there is to be enjoyed and lived in this life.

WARNING! Do not demand this in life if you have a lazy attitude in life.

Do not demand the best this life has to offer if you don’t offer the best you have to offer… and do so daily.

To be simply put in an easy monetary example, if you want to be earning more than 2 million dollars a year, you should be providing the world at least 2 millions worth of value… though 10 million would be better.

Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers.

And how can you be such a person?

A true giver?

Instead of worrying all day that you’re “not as positive” as necessary to attract the things that you want, or that you’re “not visualizing enough”, the best and most incredible thing you can do for you and the world is to make the most out of yourself.

To work at becoming the most beautiful and incredible version of yourself (I’m obviously not talking about physical beauty only).

Does this come as a surprise to you?

Think about it… what is the best service you can offer to humanity?

Sharing your talents and the best you have to offer.

It is also worth noting that talents can be developed.

To give you a simple example, maybe you’re an incredible piano player but it bores you to death and on the other hand, you absolutely love the violin.

Even though you may not be as talented today with the violin, remember that 8 hours of daily practice for a period of at least 10 years, having an amazing violin teacher, and listening frequently to the greatest violin players, can make you a breath-taking violin player.

Doing these things for at least a decade can develop a talent that can also be shared later on.

There is a deeper meaning in life.

The joy, tears and awe feelings we experience when we see acts and lives of greatness are proving that.

To be a person who shares her unique gifts with an open heart and a life of honesty to it sets you right in the path of abundance, and not only of the economic type.

Having and embracing the feeling of your right to riches (monetary and others) is a must.

First you must earn it with your actions, and second you must never minimize it as “silly” and “unhealthy”.

You earned it, damn it!


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