Step 1: Congratulations

I want to personally say to you what a deep respect I have for you right now.

You have taken the first step towards your financial freedom, a path unlike no other, and one with a constant stream of gorgeous flowers on each side of the road that no one else sees and smells but you.

And I say the word ‘unique’ for two reasons:

1. The Universe has indeed a special path for each one of us.
2. You’ve taken a step that 99% of people don’t.

You see, fear and security are two reigning emotions in the vast majority of people of the Universe.

So much that it is “like a normal thing” in society, and some even consider it a “reasonable way” for guiding yourself in life.

And that couldn’t be further from the truth because the heart and the soul has never (and will never) flourish from fear.

By taking this first step you’ve done something that is incredibly important, you’ve added a commitment to a path of success, and that commitment, my dear, is the key to your dreams.

It is the building pillar that lies as the massive foundation of any great story and achievement.

I am sure you also have a great story and achievements in your heart which you’d love to happen, right?


Let commitment be the rock solid material to build those dear achievements you deserve so much.

I want you to know that there is a big difference between what a human being thinks he can do and what he can actually do, the latter surpassing the former in unthinkable ways.

Lives of greatness and accomplished dreams were lived by powerful souls who constantly pushed their own boundaries to discover and go further and further in order to realise what they could actually do.

People with a determination to succeed no matter what, accepting harsh deserts and green forests in their path with the same joy of acceptance in their hearts.

And I know you are of those beings if you so choose to.

How do I know that?


The Supreme Energy lies deep in the heart of every person on this Earth.

As its name says, it is a ‘supreme’ energy with capabilities that reach far beyond the limitations of the mind and body, and the walls of the human ego.

Deep within you lies a slumbering power, a power that would leave you completely astonished, that would take your breath away and that you were completely oblivious of possessing.

It is a deep inner force that can create a massive positive revolution in your own life, and in the whole world, for the better.

All you have to do is arouse it and put it into action.

I will not lie to you… arousing this force is not an easy endeavour.


Because it is a conscious and daily effort.

It requires thought, commitment and, many times, acceptance of undesired things that come along our way.

Nonetheless, none of that matters.

The only thing that is truly important is that it’s an incredible gift every person who has commitment can use, and every person who does so can do nothing but reach those goals she cherishes so dearly.

The truth of the matter is that we all have dreams.

The dreams differ from person to person, but we all have them.

I can assure you we all want to believe deep down that we have a special gift, a special power, something unique and fantastic that can propel us to live those dreams of ours.

A gift that can allow us to turn our lives around, to change the world for the better, to touch people’s lives in the same special way someone outstanding has touched ours at some time in our time on Earth.

All of us have entertained at some point or another a beautiful vision of the what would be the ideal life for us.

That type of life we truly desire and that we truly deserve.

Can you deny me you have not entertained such thoughts?

I certainly have…

Yet what happens for many of us is that we give up on the quest to make it happen.

That vision becomes completely covered by a massive list of things we think are stopping us.

And though those reasons do also vary greatly between each person, more often than not it is fear and the need of security the core of the invisible walls that seem so real to us.

Unable to see further from these walls, way too many of us have given up on the beautiful road that lays ahead of them.

Uncertain of their certainty, we are completely paralyzed and prefer to “stay where we are” because “at least I have security here”.

Sound familiar?

But I am here to tell that if you are willing to tap into the Supreme Intelligence, stay committed, and do everything that is necessary until you achieve what you want (and make these three things a daily habit) you will crush the inevitable human fear every new path has with a deep sense of certainty that creates that winner’s edge.

My commitment and purpose are to restore this edge in you and help you tap into your own unlimited force.

Shall we start then?


Take your personal Manifestation Design and let get crackin’!


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