Success, based on your answers, here is your #1 Manifestation Block, how you can quickly release it and finally Manifest a life-changing experience in the next 21 days...

From: Susan Brown

Date: January 29, 2023

Dear friend,

Your responses indicate that you probably have challenges with

Manifestation Block #1: PBA

I’ll tell you what PBA stands for in a moment. First, let me say that you are not alone.

Nearly 10,000 people have taken the quiz, and over 82% are having trouble with PBA.

In fact, when I work with clients who struggle with this Manifestation Block, they typically demonstrate difficulties in keeping a positive attitude.

They can’t get rid of negative thoughts especially during challenging times, and they easily take on the negative energies of the people around them.

A lot of them are doing everything right – they know exactly what they want, they visualize, they use affirmations daily, and they keep gratitude journals.

However, because of recurring negative thoughts or feelings, they can’t keep their visions in their minds long enough to see them come to fruition.

Some people even start doubting if they deserve a bigger and brighter future.

They start asking themselves if anything good is coming or not. Sooner or later, they give up on their dreams, thinking...

"This Doesn't Work For Me...

The good news is that PBA can easily be released using something that I call the Emotional Reset Fix or ERF.

It’s a quick and powerful technique that sweeps away all traces of negative thinking and emotions within a couple of minutes.

It raises your vibrations and roots you deeply into the present moment even if you are surrounded by negative people or in the middle of chaos.

In fact, some people describe it like...

"Being reborn into a new, powerful and confident YOU, even if the world is falling apart."

If you are like most people, you will immediately feel like you are in control of your thoughts and your emotions.

And the best part - this takes less than four minutes.

I’ll share what your ERF is in just a moment.

First, let’s see what PBA stands for.

This might sound shocking, but what if I told you there is a separate entity living inside you that feeds on negativity?

What if I told you that this entity is addicted to fear, anxiety and literally wants you to feel unhappy?

No, this is not a science fiction movie, this is your Pain-Body, and that’s why your #1 Manifestation Block is called...

Pain-Body Activation Syndrome

Eckhart Tolle

“The pain-body is the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field. It consists of negative emotions that were not faced, accepted, and then let go in the moment they arose.”

You can think of your pain-body as a nocturnal animal with its own primitive intelligence. It has two modes of being – dormant and active.

And when it’s active, it must feed.

It will feed on any experience that resonates with its own kind of energy, anything that creates further pain in whatever form: anger, hatred, grief, emotional drama, and even illness.

When it’s active, it will create a situation in your life that reflects its own energy frequency.

Pain can only feed on pain.

That’s why even if people attract something positive and significant into their lives, eventually they end up in the same place they started from. Or even worse.

You can safely say that the pain-body is addicted to unhappiness.

Not only that, but it is most easily triggered during challenges in your life or by the pain bodies of other people.

That’s when you are most vulnerable to its attacks, and that’s when you should use your ERF to quickly tame the pain-body beast, return it to its dormant state and take back control.

In a minute, I will show you how to release your #1 Manifestation Block, the Pain-Body Activation Syndrome.

You will have the power to stop any negative emotion the moment you feel it arising.

You will no longer be a victim of circumstances; you will no longer be reactive to people and what happens around you.

You will have the strength and confidence to choose how you react to any given situation.

How would your life change after having this wisdom?

Can you see your relationships blossom?

How would your career and your work grow when you have the skills and confidence to choose how you feel?

Can you imagine the experiences you would manifest after having this bullet-proof positive mindset?

Yes, it is possible to quickly tame your Pain Body with your ERF in less than four minutes.

Not only that, but you are less than 21 days away from manifesting a big and significant change in your life.

I’ll tell you more about that after we release your #1 Manifestation Block.

Your Emotional Reset Fix is something called “4-Square Breathing”.

Here’s why it works.

You see, the pain-body feeds on negative thoughts and emotions.

The fact is, all negative thinking is rooted in either the past or in the future.

Most people either feel sadness about the past or fear about the future.

That’s why the only way to release your pain body is to get deeply rooted in the present moment by using the “4-Square Breathing” Fix.

This is exactly what you need to do whenever you feel negativity creeping in and changing your own attitudes. That’s how you reclaim your calm and your focus.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 - If you are not at home, find a place where nobody can disturb you for four minutes.

Put your feet flat on the floor and relax your hands in your lap. You may overlap your hands or let them lie separately with palms facing up. The important thing is to maintain an aligned posture and to be relaxed.

Step 2 - Close your eyes or dim the lights in your room if you can.

Step 3 - Close your mouth and breathe in slowly through your nose.

Count to four as you inhale.

Hold your breath for four seconds.

You are not trying to deprive your body of oxygen, but you need to allow a few seconds for the air to fill your lungs.

Concentrate on your belly and notice how it also moves when you inhale deeply.

Step 4 - Open your mouth slightly and slowly exhale to a count of four. Hold the exhale to another count of four.

Ideally, you should repeat the exercise for four minutes, but two or three times will help you to achieve a more relaxed state, relieve tension and settle your nerves.

The key here is to recognize when your attitudes are shifting and your pain-body is awakening so you can bring yourself back into the present moment where it has no power.

This will keep you calm, positive, and in a non-reactive state.

The 4-Square Breathing is your most important Emotional Reset Fix.

It will immediately release your #1 Manifestation Block when you feel negative thoughts arising.

It will even help you when the Pain-Body is already active and you feel like you are drowning in negativity.

Yes, it will put your pain body back into its dormant state, but it doesn’t give you a more consistent, effortless and natural method to finally break free from the negativity and live a life of passion and freedom.

A method you need to apply only once, and it will work with you forever.

And this is what you are getting in just a moment....

If You Have Ever Experienced Any Of The Following...

  • Overwhelming anxiety and unease that comes out of nowhere, especially around negative people or during challenging situations.
  • A nagging feeling of being stuck in one place. You feel in your heart that there is more to life but you just can't figure out how to move forward.
  • The lack of motivation to even get out of bed in the morning and frustration of just thinking of what's ahead.
  • A sense of isolation, like you are always trying to get home but you never feel at home.
  • Doubt that you can ever manifest anything life-changing.

...this could be the most exciting thing you ever read because...

You’ll Be Manifesting The “Big Stuff” In 21 Days or Less Without Having to Believe In Anything… Guaranteed

In Fact, I Have an Embarrassing Confession to Make First

I have lived most of my adult life in a state of quiet desperation.

After my daughter was born, my whole life crumbled  - I lost my job, my husband left me and to make matters worse, my parents refused to provide any help.

I felt alone and isolated. Almost every day I thought of taking my life... but I couldn't. I had a baby girl to take care of.

That's when I immersed myself into meditation and the Law of Attraction.

I thought I found "the KEY", the rope that will pull me out of the rut and steer my life in a positive direction.

I "asked", I "believed"... but all I "received" was the small stuff - books, parking spots, phone calls. I couldn't make it work for the really significant things.

And this is when I decided:

"This Doesn't Work For Me!

And I was ready to throw in the towel. Nothing was working, no amount of meditation, visualization, vision boards… nothing.

I ran out of money and I had to move to a small village in the mountains. That’s where I met the “Nomad”–an 83-year-old real life nomad who had been travelling around the world for the last 26 years without settling in one place for more than two months.

He had discovered that there are several types of auras, energies people are born with. When you just accept and follow your aura, life just flows effortlessly with no friction or “hard work”.

I now call these auras Manifestation Designs.

Over the next two years, my life did a complete 180. I moved back to the city, attracted a business I love and that allowed me to spend time with my daughter. Not long after that attracted my twin flame.

Life Should Be an Adventure Full of Love and Passion

In fact, struggle is a sure sign we are off the paths our Creator put us on the day we came into this world.

Because of that, I made the Manifestation Design knowledge public and created...

The Manifestation Design Study

How The Secret Behind Your Manifestation Design Will Help You Break Free And Manifest "The Big Stuff"...

...Even If All You Have Manifested So Far Are The Small and Insignificant Things, Or Nothing At All.

Or continue reading to learn more...

What Is The Manifestation Design Study?

  • It is NOT yet another rehashed "ASK-BELIEVE-RECEIVE" course.
  • It is NOT about visualization or vision boards. In fact, you are not asked to "see" anything in your mind's eye.
  • It has NOTHING to do with faith. Actually, you don't have to believe anything.
  • It is NOT even about being positive or gratitude.

Your Manifestation Design Study Is A Shortcut.

Feeling stuck and not being able make any significant progress are merely symptoms of a much deeper problem that's a bit harder to see (that's the bad news) but a lot easier to fix (that's the good news).

Inside your Manifestation Design Study you will find the wisdom that took me a lifetime to discover and that turned my life around almost overnight.

You'll Get The Five Insight Prompts™.

Based on how you react to them, you'll immediately identify who you were born to be and how you were designed to move through the world.

Imagine how having this wisdom will affect ALL areas of your life.

If you've ever wondered why people seem to behave a certain way around you, you'll be excited to understand your Manifestation Design determines the aura you carry around and that affects the way people feel about you.

On top of that, you’ll get ALL Manifestation Designs.

Having this deep insight is like having an X-ray vision into other people's behavior and unconscious thoughts.

This will boost your confidence and relationships like nothing has ever done before.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to give your loved ones the greatest gift– the understanding of how THEY can live fulfilled lives full of love and bliss.

Then you can step back and enjoy seeing them prosper.

The Manifestation Design Study is valued at $37 but because you are a new subscriber, you will get an unbelievable deal if you order today on this page.

Just imagine yourself feeling the deepest relief you've felt in years... just like Daisy.

Is that something you can see yourself doing?

In fact, some clients describe it as:

"Being reborn into a new, powerful and confident being, even if the world is falling apart."

"It’s Like Putting On A New Pair Of Glasses.

Without it, everything seems blurry. You can’t see the path ahead, and you feel uncertain where to go, so you stay in one place, afraid of making the wrong move…

…wondering, “If I do this, will I fail again?”

But the moment you put it on, a whole new world opens.

A world where everything is brighter and much more colorful.

A world where you clearly see the way ahead and the destination where it leads.

Recognizing and aligning with your Manifestation Design is quick and easy, because it’s already in you, as you’ll see in a moment.

As Eckhart Tolle says:

Eckhart Tolle

“You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge.

But Here's The Bad News...

Your Design will change the way you view the world and awaken the giant within you immediately, but if you are looking to manifest a million dollars tomorrow or attract that big lake-house with the boat this week…

Your Manifestation Design cannot help you.

You see, aligning and trusting your Design is a habit, something you need to get used to.

Behavioral psychology already confirmed it. A new habit needs up to 21 days to kick in.

So, if you are serious about aligning yourself with your Manifestation Design, manifesting your first significant, life-transforming change within three weeks… you might want to hear what Jack Canfield says about the science behind it…

Jack Canfield

“I came away with a deeper understanding and acknowledgment of my strengths and my challenges, and a more profound acceptance of myself—who I am and who I am not.

Imagine having that deeper understanding of who you were born to be and how you were Designed to navigate through life effortlessly.

Accepting and loving ourselves is probably the most important thing we must do.

Here is what Debora Read, a world-famous film director and actress, had to say…

Debora Read

“Going through the Design process awakens you to realize that sometimes you live your life as not who you really are, but maybe how society wants you to be, or how others want you to be, or how you’ve been conditioned. It gives you the freedom to really look at yourself and see who you are...”

Would you like to finally find your center and feel "at home"... just like Mary and so many others did?

Once you peel off the layers of conditioning and external expectations, you will awaken to who you really are, not who society wants you to be, not who others want you to be.

This is when life becomes a never-ending chain of miracles.

This is what Suzanne Evans, one of the leading business success coaches in the US, experienced…

Suzanne Evans

“Once you have the deep level of awareness, you cannot behave in old patterns. New ideas, money, people, and opportunities abound because you actually see them from truth.”

And you are not getting just that…

I have also included these FREE bonuses that will help you raise your vibrations and speed up your manifestation, so you get the desired results even faster.

“What Do You Want”
...or “How to design a plan for your life”

As Jim Rohn said, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

This powerful mini-study will
clear the fog between you and your goals.

It will create a clear picture of your targets in every area of your life.

Often, we think we want something, but in reality, it’s not really what we want, it’s what we are expected to want.

That’s why we lose confidence, anxiety and negativity overwhelm us, and we get stuck. And even if we get to achieve what we wanted somehow, it doesn't bring us the satisfaction we expected.

We’ll start with your home. We’ll dig deep and discover what kind of home would give you everything you need and would support all your passions.

We’ll create a vision, so powerful and vivid, it will never fade. And even if it did, it will give way to something much better.

You’ll not only have a vision of your ideal home that awakens the desired warmth and comfort in your heart…

But we’ll also map out the exact steps to bring that vision into reality.

We’ll do the same with your career and you work.

We’ll dig out the type of work closest to your soul, the type of work that would not only provide finances to you and your loved ones, but will be work that ignites passion and love in your heart.

We’ll continue with creating the perfect relationships and friends, and we’ll lay out the steps to getting them closer to you.

We will also work on creating a solid vision of the person you want to become, your character, and your health.

This is probably the most important and most valuable part of the “What Do You Want” study.

I will send it to you in a digital format, so you can go through it wherever you are.

I only recommend you print the workbook I’ve included and spend time alone, reflecting on the questions there.

You’ll also get a summary of the whole study. It includes the main ideas, so you can always review it quickly and relive your big, crazy, and vivid visions in a matter of minutes.

The “What Do You Want” study is valued at $37, but you are getting it as a GIFT for investing in yourself and your future with YOUR Manifestation Design Study.

The Other FREE Gift You Are Getting Today Is...


...or “How to banish self-destructive behaviors.”

Charles Glassman said, You can’t imagine just how much believing in negative thoughts is affecting your life…until you stop.”

Most people don’t even realize they are getting in their own way.

Are your current results something you absolutely love? Are they igniting your inner flame and making you jump out of bed every morning, eager to explore new opportunities?

If not, most probably, there are certain unconscious behaviors and thinking patterns holding you back.

They may come in the form of negative thoughts, uncertainty, resistance, or even physical illnesses.

If you’ve ever wanted to break free, get yourself unstuck, but you felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to begin with, this mini-course will give you the much-needed boost if you allow it.

First, we’ll start by estimating the damage self-sabotage does to people’s lives.

That way, you’ll have a clear look at the secret motivation behind self-destructive behavior in all areas, especially finances, relationships, and physical health.

The ancient Greeks said, “Know Thyself”, and having that awareness is one of the most critical skills of any wise person.

We’ll then make sure we banish all these self-sabotaging behaviors, once and for all.

That means, we will clear the path ahead and give you back the reigns of your life, so you can steer it in the direction YOU want the most.

You will get the “Self-Sabotage” workbook with the questions that will unearth the self-destructive behaviors and thinking patterns lurking in your subconscious.

And you will get the executive summary of the mini-course, so you can always go back and review it.

You’ll want to do that every couple of months, so you can compare where you started from with the free, passionate, and excited self you become after you release the self-damaging habits holding you back.

This mini-course costs $27 when sold separately, but you are getting it for free when you invest in yourself and your future today.

The Fact Is, This Unbelievable Offer Doesn't Exist Anywhere Else and Will Be Taken Down Saturday July 27th

It's a thank-you gift for new subscribers only.

So, when you take action today, while you are still on this page, you are getting the Manifestation Design Study and all the bonuses...

NOT for $100...

NOT even half...

NOT even $10

You will get your Manifestation Design Study...

- The "What Do You Want" mini-study

- The "Self-Sabotage" mini-course

...for one-time easy payment of just $8.97

Look: don’t decide if this is correct for you right now, because you are covered by my world-famous and unbeatable...

"Love It Or Leave It" Guarantee

Just test the Manifestation Design Study for yourself for a full 30 days.

If you don’t experience the breakthrough you expect in those 30 short days OR…

If you don’t absolutely love the peace of mind immediately… OR

Even if you think attracting a bigger and better future is just not for you…

I’ll buy the Manifestation Design Study back and you can still keep the bonuses for FREE.

No Questions. No Hassles.

The fact is, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

But here’s the thing; if you are looking for fancy videos, animations, or a big set of DVDs with books full of fluff, irrelevant stories, and empty motivation…

This system is not for you, and I suggest you close this page.

On the other hand, if you want a straight-to-the-point, no-fluff, written material delivered to you digitally, minutes from now…

If you want short, powerful, and actionable advice you can apply right now and get results immediately…

Just click on that big button above and join the movement.

Plus, if you take advantage of this limited-time deal today, I’ll send you another secret gift that will almost guarantee your immediate success with the study.

You see, thousands of my clients have shared that...

They often feel overwhelmed by the challenges in their lives.

That’s why I also included this priceless mini-study…

“Moving On Up”

...or “Having the right attitude to achieve your goals & live your dreams”

Winston Churchill said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Look, we all know tiny hinges swing big doors. Often, a small shift in our thinking opens doors we never thought existed.

And having the wrong attitude leads to roadblocks after roadblocks. We feel stuck, like we can’t move any further.

The fact is, the true test of your approach to life is in how well it serves you, and that’s what we’ll be tackling in “Moving On Up.

We’ll have a look at your goals and your targets and then check how you feel about them.

We’ll figure out what attitudes you need to build, so you can move those goals closer to you almost automatically.

Probably, the most important module in this study is about overcoming challenges.

We’ll build the right attitude to meet the curve balls life throws at us.

You know, challenges are a part of life, and we can never eliminate them.

Instead, we can get better at overcoming them.

If you are looking for a new shift in perspective, one that will give you back control of your life,

One that gives you the rock-solid confidence you can deal with whatever life throws at you, so you can welcome any challenge with a smile and a “Bring It On” attitude…

“Moving On Up” is the study for you. Usually, it costs $37, but you are getting it for FREE with your Manifestation Design Study.

So, the total value you are getting today for the Manifestation Design Study, “What do you want”, “Self-Sabotage”, and the “Moving On Up” studies is well over $140.

And you are getting everything for a fraction of the cost, while SAVING OVER $135.

Look, as I said earlier, this special offer is for new subscribers only and the coupon will be deactivated in less than 3 days.

That’s why this is your chance to jump in for just one easy payment of less than $9, while you are still here on this page.

It's That Simple.

Join our community of manifestors like...

Michael, who wrote...

Or Melissa...

Remember, you’ve been struggling with manifesting something significant long enough.

You’ve felt stuck, like things are not moving, and like you can’t get off the hamster wheel, for too long.

Yet, all of this can change the moment you awaken by accepting and allowing your natural Manifestation Design to do the work for you.

Picture the moment you finally experience the breakthrough and freedom you’ve always desired and take the first step to the ideal ‘You.'

You feel alive

Full of hope and optimism…

You wake up every morning full of energy and vitality

EXPECTING more great things to happen today.

You finally experience the zest for life you deserve.

Yes, it’s true. The reason you couldn’t get out of the rut and manifest anything life-changing until today is largely not your fault.

It’s true, you’ve been given the wrong information.

And false promises that no one stands behind.

However, today marks your day to take responsibility…

To take the action necessary, to put an end to the lies and begin anew on a true life-changing path.

Look, you've reached the end of this letter...

You already understand there are no one-size-fits-all solutions that work for everybody…

That's why, when you enroll today, you will find this to be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

So, try it first for 30 days and see the results you desire or you pay absolutely nothing.

Plus, you’re always minutes away from an answer from our friendly support staff.

Immediately after you order, you will need to access your member’s area.

Answer the Five Insight Prompts, so you can identify your natural Manifestation Design.

This will guarantee you are fully aware how you were born to move through this world.

Remember, Along With your Manifestation Design, You Are Also Getting…

  • The Five Insight Prompts™ so you can discover the Designs of your closest friends and family.
  • The “What Do You Want” Mini-Study so you create a vision that ignites passion in your heart and never fades.
  • The “Self-Sabotage” Mini-Course so you eliminate the negative thinking patterns holding you back.
  • The “Moving On Up” Study so you have all the weapons you need to meet the dragons in your journey.

After your purchase, you will be able to create your username and password so you can access the secure members’ area where the Manifestation Design Study and the bonuses are located.

So, thank you for reading and see you on the other side ; -)




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