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From: Susan
Date: January 29, 2023

Dear Friend,

You've taken a giant leap in your life and I want to congratulate you for it. I am truly humbled by your commitment and determination.

My fingers are trembling as I'm writing this...

What you are seeing here is literally changing the world and you have the exciting opportunity to join the movement.

Because one of the things Speed Manifestation students have ALWAYS been asking for in addition to the core system is ongoing training, teaching and support to answer all of their most burning questions AND show them everything they need to know to quickly become Awakened Souls...

Which is why I wanted to put together a special program for Manifestors, just like you, who want to go above and beyond the basics of attracting and manifesting abundance.


This Is Why I Created Something Called:

The Speed Manifestation "Awakened Souls Club"

"It's like having Susan as your personal coach, holding your hand and inspiring you EVERY DAY to be your best self possible!

In this letter, I'm going to explain what the "Awakened Souls Club" is... how it works... and why (as you'll see in a moment) this could be one of the most exciting steps you take in your life.

First, let me explain how the "Awakened Souls Club" works:

The Awakened Souls Club is a 12-month, DAILY inspirational program which goes way beyond The Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

As a member of the Awakened Souls Club, every day you'll receive a NEW and insightful Awakening Trigger™ delivered straight to your email inbox.


It has three parts:

  1. The Awakening Trigger™ in the form of a thought, carefully picked as the theme of your day.
  2. The Awakening Affirmation - several powerful paragraphs designed to be read in a quiet and calm state, preferably out loud. They will intensify the Awakening Trigger™ so it can sink deeply into your subconscious.
  3. Self-Reflection Prompts - Three hand-picked, short, and insightful questions to keep in mind during the day. Often, you don't even need to look for answers, they will come to you automatically.

Awakening Triggers™ From Me, Personally, Every Day... On Dozens Of Key Topics, Including...

In Fact, In Addition to Everything You've Just Read, As a Member You'll Also Get Your Most Burning Manifestation Questions Answered By Me

In ADDITION to your daily Awakening Triggers, as an Awakened Souls Club member, you’ll also get the opportunity to get YOUR questions answered.

Here's how this works:

Because I receive hundreds of emails every single day and I'm not able to personally respond to each and every one of them, every single day, I tackle ONE or TWO reader questions in DETAIL as part of the Awakening Triggers.

I will cover the topic YOU desire, create an Awakening Trigger, Awakening Affirmation and three Self-Reflection Prompts around it. Then I will make it available to all club members.

But even more importantly, when you check out the Awakened Souls Club today, you'll instantly become part of arguably the most exciting, most diverse clubs changing the world, because...

You'll Be Joining Over 3,400+ Active Awakened Souls Club Members, From 17 Different Countries!

One of the best aspects of the Awakened Souls Club is the community you’ll be a part of. We are all like-minded, people from around the world striving to be our best selves... every single day.

As Ghandi said: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

The group is made up of regular people just like you and me - from all walks of life, who just happen to share in this insane obsession of reaching our full potential and changing the world along the way.

Here's What Actual Awakened Souls Club Members Are Saying:

I like to open them first thing in the morning while sipping my coffee to start the day off on the right note. The Awakening Triggers put me in a state of gratitude and sometimes I even go back 2 or 3 times during the day and read them over again. I'm trying to condition my brain to stay in a state of higher vibration.

Heidi J. Golightly, Fort Walton Beach, FL

They have a way of giving me a positive boost about my life daily when I need it most.

Sara E. Abernathy, Park City, UT

I love the club. The Awakening Triggers put me on the right track for the day and give me questions to ask myself

Amparo L. Siefert, Henryville, QC J0J

I wanted to tell you they are awesome and what a great job you do and thank you for your commitment.. it is yet another view from a spiritually minded person and I find them a refreshing read..

Lola T. Petrella, Fauquier, BC V0G

I love starting my day by reading the Awakening Triggers...

Lorraine J. Byrd, 1633 København V

As you can see, there’s literally no other club out there like this – and it’s something I’m so proud and excited to be able to make available to you today just because you invested in Speed Manifestation. It’s what I consider my life’s work, when it comes to spiritual growth.

In fact, I believe so strongly in this program, I’d like to offer you a completely-risk free opportunity to check out the "Awakened Souls Club" for yourself for a full 30 days – for just $1 – today only.

Check Everything Out For Yourself for A Full 30-Days 100% Risk-Free!

I’m doing this so you can check everything out for yourself... completely risk-free and “with-no-strings-attached”!

(Make no mistake: this truly is a very special one-time-only offer because right now we have hundreds of “Awakened Souls Club" members happily paying $39/month -- but you can get in right now for a huge 97% discount!)

Here’s how the this exclusive offer today works:

Sign up by just clicking on the button at the bottom of this page. This will add the Awakened Souls Club membership to your Speed Manifestation order and will get you the special risk-free access to the club for a full 30 days for just $1.

Then after the 30 days are up, if you’re enjoying the membership (and I know you will!), do nothing, and you’ll be billed just a tiny $39 $19.95/month (a SAVINGS of 50%) starting after your trial one-month access is up.

And when you “graduate” at the end of the 12 months, you’ll remain an Awakened Souls Club member where you’ll continue to receive up-to-date information and exclusive members-only offers sent to you regularly!

Pretty awesome, right?

Even better... Because you have direct input into what is covered every single day as a member – as well as the opportunity to submit your feedback...

“It’s like having your own spiritual coach and guide right there in the room with you to answer YOUR questions...”

Of course, if you change your mind later - you can simply drop me an email to cancel at any time because there’s no long term commitment, and we’ll still remain friends – I promise. But if you’re like the thousands of other "Awakened Souls" around the world in the club already - I think you’re going to LOVE what you discover in this program!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

And just so there is no confusion. I want to make this perfectly clear. When you sign up today, you are completely protected by my world-famous 3X IRONCLAD Guarantee.
Sign up, take a look around for a full 60 DAYS and...

If you don't feel even a little bit inspired or...

If I miss a day when sending the Awakening Triggers or...

You don't see the world with new eyes and a new grounded mindset or...

Even if you don't like the font and colors I use...

I'll return every single penny you have invested (including the $1 for the first month) and you'll even get to keep all of the 60 Awakening Triggers.

No Questions. No Hassles.

But It Gets Even Better...

As an Awakened Souls Club Member You ALSO Get a Full 20% off EVERYTHING
On the Speed Manifestation Website

I'll say it again:

Once you become a member, you save 20% on EVERYTHING I offer!

And by the way, that’s an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF.

And it includes items on SALE also.

Which means, you get an EXTRA 20% off anytime I run a special promotion – on a book, course or masterclass.

If you're considering checking out anything else I'm offering, the fact that you'll save 20% on top of any other discounts makes joining today a complete "no-brainer" decision.

Now, in case you’re wondering...

Here’s how the discount program works:

Once you join as a member through the link below, you'll start getting the Awakening Triggers in your email inbox. If there is an exclusive members-only offer, I'll include it there.

And this is very important, if you are receiving any other communication from me outside the club... and I'm running a special offer, DO NOT take action. Because no matter how good the offer is there, it will be EVEN BETTER to "Awakened Souls Club" members.

And you'll continue to enjoy this exclusive, special pricing as long as you are a part of the club.

The only catch?

This is a One-Time Opportunity

To CHECK OUT the Awakened Souls Club for just $1 100% RISK-FREE... Get access to the exclusive members-only pricing... PLUS I'll be sending you more unadvertised goodies too...

This is a one-time opportunity – TODAY ONLY, which means you must click on the blue order link below once you've finished reading this letter to take advantage of this special offer.

(After today, you will never see this page, price, or one-time opportunity ever again – and the only way to check out the club will be to pay full regular price of $39.00/month.)

And once the club reaches 4,000 members...

It’ll be closed off to new members.

And possibly for good.

(One of the things that’s important to me, is that I actually get to know and interact with as many members as possible. Once the club gets too big, this becomes impossible. So I’m closing things off once we hit 4,000 members. And considering we’ve got over 15,000 people on the Speed Manifestation newsletter, it’s not a matter of if. It’s just a matter of when. It could be this week, it could be next...)

Here's What I Recommend

Don’t try to decide if you should join the Awakened Souls Club today. Instead...

Sign up for your risk-free 30-day trial today by clicking on the button below.

(This way you won’t miss out on today’s special opportunity, before we fill up or this page gets taken down.)

Then, after you sign up, here’s how to get started:

Once your order has been confirmed, you’ll receive an email from me with your Speed Manifestation membership username and password to login to the special members-only area.

After this email, you will receive another one with a subject line:

[Awakened Souls] Welcome to the "Awakened Souls Club"! Here's where to start...

It will contain information how to make sure you receive all emails, so none get lost in the SPAM folder.

It will also have your FIRST Awakening Trigger that you can reflect upon.

Then, if you’d like to stick around and continue one with us – simply do nothing. Your membership benefits will continue uninterrupted.

If you decide for whatever reason the Awakened Souls Club is not for you – no problem! Simply send me an email to let me know - we’ll cancel your membership, and you won’t be billed another penny. (I won’t be offended, and we’ll still remain friends I promise!)

But whatever you do, don’t put this off till tomorrow.

If you wait, even a few hours to do this – there’s a chance that this page could be taken down, and this opportunity gone for good.

Here’s what to do now:

Click on the link below and claim your risk-free Awakened Souls Club trial membership:

$39.00 Today Just $1!

(That's a savings of OVER 97% Off because you invested in Speed Manifestation and yourself)

Okay, I’ll leave you with that for now.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Please be sure to say hello...


Susan 🙂

P.S.  Remember, The Awakened Souls Club Membership is less than the cost of a fancy coffee at Starbucks...

And by the way, thousands of Awakened Souls around the world are members - and I'd love to see you join us!

P.P.S.  Still reading? What are you waiting for?  Scroll back up, click on that big button you see there, and take advantage of this special offer on this page before it gets taken down! 🙂

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