If you are an online marketer, looking for generating serious cash without creating products, copywriting and all that hassle, read...

How the Evergreen "ASK Funnel Chain 4.0" Siphons Cash Into Bank Accounts On Autopilot...

And how YOU can get the 75% LION'S SHARE of all that!

From: Georgi Georgiev
Date: January 29, 2023

Dear fellow marketer,

My name is Georgi and I am the marketing manager of Speed Manifestation.

For the last decade I've been running the marketing of coaches, education companies and SaaS startups. I've also been featured as a ASK Method success story  for my work on the funnel that I'll talk about in just a minute.

(In fact, even one of the most brilliant marketers alive and best-selling author, Ryan Levesque worked on that very same funnel.)

The Problem With Most Funnels

If you are like me, you are probably sick and tired of driving traffic to 40-minute videos for $47 products with a conversion rate of less than 2%.

I understand that!

So many times I have sent thousands of people to such video sales letters only to see a couple of sales. It's discouraging and it's painful.

Let me ask you this, in 2018 when almost all traffic comes from mobile devices, who in their right mind will sit and watch a 40-minute video on their iPhone?

That's correct, nobody!

Over the last couple of years, with the help of some of the best coaches, copywriters and funnel specialists on this planet, I've been building, optimizing and perfecting a cutting-edge, self-improving, personalized funnel that I now call "ASK Funnel Chain 4.0"

"What Is It And What's In It For YOU?

I will illustrate this with an example of how you can earn up to $840 for sending just 100 people into this funnel.

The average order value is $28 and the front-end conversion rate is the unheard of 20% (including the conversions from the autoresponder) .

So, the revenue generated right away is $560.

While this is not bad at all, there are still 80% who haven't purchased.

And this is where the magic starts...

After they go through the funnel and don't purchase, they are put into ANOTHER conversion monster of a funnel... and then ANOTHER... and then ANOTHER!

Four Behavior-Based, Personalized, Profit-Pulling Funnels (and I'm working on a fifth one while you are reading this)

All these funnels are so personalized based on the prospects behavior that it's like every single person has their own funnel.

All of this goes on for more than a month and since your Clickbank cookie duration is 60 days, you'll be getting delayed commissions long after you've forgotten you drove traffic to the funnel.


"How does all of this translate into CASH?


On average, 35% (and sometimes even more) of the highly-targeted traffic converts within 45 days.

That means a revenue of $980 of which you get the LION'S SHARE (75%) - $735.

And that's from just from a small, targeted audience of 100 people.

And don't forget, people will LOVE you for your recommendation:

My manifestation design was spot on. I am so happy to tell you that I have been able to manifest some really good things in my life. I know that in the very near future the big things I want will come to me.


Hi I feel lighter things appear clearer and I have more energy


It was absolutely mind-blowing to "hear" you say these things about me. Very accurate…


IT WORKS !!! the tool you gave me it works...and if it worked this...I can manifest everything. !!  So thank you very much for this priceless gift <3 


(we get testimonials like these EVERY SINGLE DAY)

Here’s what to do now:

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For Your Profits,
Georgi "Affiliate-Marketing-Rocks" Georgiev